Ancient Valley Open Mic Del Norte, CO

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Wednesdays, 5-7, Del Norte, CO

2021 Stage: Simple Foods Market Courtyard, 680 Grand Avenue, Del Norte, CO. Our first season on an outdoor stage!

Ah, summer in the Rockies.

Join us for Season Four of Ancient Valley Open Mic, Wednesdays, June 2 – Sept. 15, 2021. This is a community musical event that is open to participants of all skill levels and styles of music. The show is from 5-7pm, with sign-up/set-up starting at 4:30. Staging includes a two channel amp suited to one player; participants are encouraged to bring the equipment they need. Sets are three songs/fifteen minutes except for pre-arranged feature sets that are double length.

Please contact Jenni by email (choose “contact” on the menu above) with specific questions or to sign up for an upcoming show; you may also just show up and sign up to play. On Facebook, Ancient Valley Open Mic, Southern Colorado and Ancient Valley Open Mic, Group are where we share photos, musician personal promotions, and updates. Groups larger than two players are encouraged to contact the director (Jenni) to plan staging and get a longer set.