New Original Songs Featured


”The Milkmaid And Her Pail,” “Putting On The Old Folk’s Clothes,” and “Good-bye Smile” are three original songs that I put on my children’s album, Putting On The Old Folk’s Clothes, 2008. You can now find them here, at the singles link under Music on my menu.

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Ancient Valley Open Mic Spring 2018


Ancient Valley Open Mic Spring 2018 will be hosted at Wildwood Sounds Concert Venue in Del Norte, with its outstanding acoustics, lighting, and performance atmosphere. Check my shows for more information, and become our friend on FB: This is a free community arts event.

Del Norte duo Just Magic performs at AVOM.

Konnie of Just Magic performs original spoken word.

Brian performs his original songs of faith and spirit at AVOM.

Maurice goes traditional at AVOM.

Lorraine and Amy enchant the audience at AVOM.

Jenni welcomes a new player at AVOM.

Fiddle music for all from Johnny!

Amy and Eric are songwriters in a southwestern spiritual style.

Jenni’s got it all under control. Right.

Ross has his own style of soul music.

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At Home in Southern Colorado


In August 2015, Tom Peal and I moved to Del Norte, CO, close to the top of our beloved Rio Grande. Now I’ve returned to an active schedule of performing with new original songs and lots of my favorite Americana covers.  My productions in the San Luis Valley include Ancient Valley Open Mic, 2017/2018 in Del Norte, Sunday Folk Music Breakfast at La Garita Trading Post In 2017 and at Boogies in Del Norte in 2018, and A Jam In The Rockies, August 2018. I’ll continue traveling back to my favorite places in Texas, like the Sons of Hermann Hall in Dallas, Pickin’ In the Pines in Pine Mills and The Terlingua Music Bash. Let’s share some music some time!

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My Pledge of Allegiance


As Tom and I have become more comfortable in our new home in southern Colorado, I have come to admire Coloradans’ good nature and practical respect for personal liberty.  One of our current state senators, Michael Bennet, has raised his voice for justice and fairness towards all in our country, including families who are immigrants.  Inclusiveness is an American ideal, along with liberty and justice for all, that is contained in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag that so many of us learned as students and repeated daily.

It’s to Sen. Michael Bennet and other leaders who are speaking up for the civil rights of ordinary people that I dedicate this song.

My Pledge Of Allegiance


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Stray-Away Child: Celtic Music for March


From 1992, here’s fiddler Linda Relph, accompanied by Rupert Crabb on bodhran and Jenni on rhythm guitar.  We were Pegasus Project and we were getting ready for North Texas Irish Festival about this time back then.  “Stray Away Child” was one of fourteen songs we arranged for our album Pegasus Project: Ascension, recorded in Dallas at Big Time Audio, with production help from Ann Armstrong.



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