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Photo Gallery: Jenni’s Still-Life Bio-Pic!
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Chapter III: Pearl (Enjoyment) 2012-2015
Uncle Calvin’s Coffee House and Poor David’s Pub in Dallas

Lots of locations and friends in Terlingua and Marathon in the Texas Big Bend…
… and many other places.

Jenni Mansfield Peal Original with Linda Relph and Mark Wilson

Radio Days: 2012-2014
Jenni created, programmed, and DJ’d Everybody’s Folk, a two-hour weekly broadcast radio show on KNON 89.3 FM in Dallas.

Chapter II: Everyone Is Equal At The Laundromat (Working On A Building) 1999-2012
Jazz Years: The Hi-Lifers Romantic Retro and Swing Slaves Dance Band

The Hi-Lifers: Romantic Retro (2009-2012) was Greg Mark Colden on drums, Mark Wilson on bass, and David Lee Schloss on sax, led by Jenni on rhythm guitar and vocals.  Lots of gigs, lots of moony dancers, lots of fun. The combo had regular dates at Dallas’ top-rated jazz club, The Balcony Club.  Here’s their promotional video, Young At Heart.

Playing with lots of little learners: “Gather ‘Round Children: America’s Folk Song Heritage.”


Jenni’s fourth independently produced album: “Putting On The Old Folk’s Clothes”

Jenni’s second original album, “Flood”

HumbleTime Radio:

Chapter I: Two Sisters (Surprise!) 1982-1999
Celtic Years: Whiskey Before Breakfast, Pegasus Project (album: “Ascension”) and Moveable Feast
PegProjB/W band photos by Paul Wilson.
Pegasus Project: Linda Relph, Rupert Crabb, Jenni Mansfield

Moveable Feast: Paul Wilson, Linda Relph, Michelle Feldman, Jenni Mansfield

Jenni’s first original album (produced by Jim Jones after they met at the 1990 Poor David’s Pub B.W. Stephenson Memorial Song Writing Contest. Jenni won.) Original B/W photo by Paul Wilson; digital album artwork by Candace Kunz Miller.

Texas tours with bluesman David Bromberg. Photo by Paul Wilson.

Two tours of Northern Ireland, organized by Tommy Sands and the Southern Board of Education of Northern Ireland.

Three years in the performing company of Scarborough Renaissance Faire with partner Ed Macke (1982, 1983, 1984).

Thank you to Tom Peal for so many of these beautiful photos!